A simple fact is, that the more positive reviews or higher star-rating your business has, the more customers (and Google) will trust you. Think about it, when was the last time you chose a company/product that has less than 3.5 stars?

Enhance your local reputation with our Customer Reputation Management Software.

Once a customer has used your product/service and left a review, you can then use this valuable information to gain insight into your own business operations. Successful and ambitious businesses are using reviews to make important decisions to improve the customer’s experience.

We can provide you with an intuitive, easy to use, tool to completely manage your online reputation

Manage all your reviews in one place

With our CRM software, you can read all your reviews in one place and respond within the software or at the click of a button. Saving you the time of trawling the internet to find your latest reviews.

Engage your customers

Customer engagement plays a massive part in reputation management. By thanking customers for positive reviews and apologising for any negative experiences, you can show customers that you care.

Increase ratings & trust

As you gain more positive reviews, you will also to start to gain trust with potential customers and search engines, which is known to increase rankings.

Be visible with accurate listings

Our software will give you a ‘listings score’ and show you where there is inconsistent or missing listings.